Equality in the right to marry is the only way. 

Aside from giving me life-long friendships with some incredible women, the best thing about my education was that it instilled in me a strong belief in, and desire to work to achieve social justice. I’m proud that I’ve pursued this all my life, even if on a pretty small scale.

One of the reasons I became a celebrant is that it’s a role where I can continue to help others, and in regard to marriage ceremonies, I work with them and am privileged to share in and help at a happy time. As a celebrant I’m privileged to share in couples’ celebrations of love when they formally, legally commit to each other in marriage: as they share their love, and joy with their families, friends and communities.

However, so many couples in Australia are denied this opportunity; they do not have this right, as marriage equality doesn’t exist here. The reality is that couples in same-sex relationships are not treated with the same dignity as other Australians.

I believe that equal rights and liberties are essential for a healthy, fair society.

I believe that everybody must be given what should be the basic right to choose to marry – or not.


Equality in the right to marry is the only way.