Creative writing is my love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Creative writing is my love***.

I’ve been a checkout operator, teacher, trainer, kitchen hand, tour guide, hotel housekeeper, waitress, deli hand, editor, researcher, gardener and owner-builder; all the while holding my passion for writing alight.

I love to play with words; I love the nuances of language; creative writing is my passion.

(Though I’m quite shy, I’m also warm, honest and helpful. I pay attention to detail, and I’m one of the lucky people who’s comfortable with public speaking.)

So, along came a role in which I can indulge my passion for, and use and share, my greatest skill – writing; and share these other skills to support and guide you through some of the most significant of life’s experiences.

WOW. Celebrating your love…and mine – serendipity!

***I also love love love my wonderful husband Fred, and Max, our Lab; I love celebrating – laughing, dancing, eating, singing – with my family and friends; time out at the beach, in the bush and the desert; drawing, reading and travelling!

And…food, everything about food! Growing, sharing, cooking, experimenting, discussing, eating…repeat.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  


it’s time

my old and dear (and very talented artist) friend Pete,

and many many many thousands of others in Australia

MUST be given the freedom to choose…

it’s time!



Celebrants For Marriage Equality Logo

Equality in the right to marry is the only way. 

One of the reasons I became a celebrant is that it’s a role where I can continue to help others, and in regard to marriage ceremonies, I work with them and am privileged to share in and help at a happy time.

As a celebrant I’m privileged to share in couples’ celebrations of love when they formally, legally commit to each other in marriage: as they share their love, and joy with their families, friends and communities.

However, so many couples in Australia are denied this opportunity; they do not have this right, as marriage equality doesn’t exist here. The reality is that couples in same-sex relationships are not treated with the same dignity as other Australians.

I believe that equal rights and liberties are essential for a healthy, fair society.

I believe that everybody must be given what should be the basic right to choose to marry – or not.

Equality in the right to marry is the only way.