Hi Lib

The naming ceremony you put together for Brodie was such a beautiful and special day for (us) all – it meant so much to us to have chosen you to share the experience with us. You’re an amazing celebrant… You had some amazing ideas; all the hard work you put in, and all the behind the scenes work you did definitely showed in the presentation.

Thank you so much again. I highly recommend you to others if they’re looking for a great, and easy going celebrant.

Ammie 10/3/16

Laughing with your other…

As part of the process of preparing for their wedding ceremony, I ask couples to reflect why they’ve decided to formally commit to each other, and I suggest they take some time out to really focus on this. I provide them a long list of questions.

Here’s one to think about today:

What’s your funniest experience together?


My answer is….

wow,…where do I begin?

What is your story? Your unique and wonderful story?

Focusing on what is important to each of you and both of you,  will help you decide the promises you want to make each other, and what and who to incorporate in your ceremony.

I ask couples to reflect on why they’ve chosen to commit to each other, and  I suggest making and taking some well-spent time out both together and independently to think about this. I provide a long list of questions to act as prompts.

Here’s one for today:

♥  What’s the biggest compliment you could give your partner? ♥ 


to everyone.

What kind of ceremony shall we cook up?

Creating a marriage ceremony’s a bit like cooking… and you’re the ingredients.

After familiarising myself with your flavours and colours and aromas and textures I’ll be your chef, and create the ceremony.

You’ll then check for taste and presentation, and I’ll adjust the seasoning and plating accordingly.


Then your guests have the honour and pleasure of sharing in this creation that tastes, looks, smells and feels like no other ceremony, one that can never be replicated.

giving your ceremony quality, depth, distinction

There are many rituals, ceremonies or rites that can be included in marriage and commitment ceremonies: some are cultural or religious traditions, others are of unknown origin.


In Australia, rituals such as exchange of rings, and giving away / presentation of the bride (and groom) are common.

Including a ritual with special meaning for you will give your ceremony quality, depth and distinction. It’s an opportunity to:

♦ reflect your personalities

demonstrate, reinforce and honour your values and beliefs about 

   ♦♦ marriage ♦♦ union ♦♦ family ♦♦ culture ♦♦ and heritage ♦♦

include and actively involve your families / guests , or to

symbolically join your families as part of your ceremony….and 

               rituals may be performed by and include whoever you wish.



 Love –

We love each other. This is not the end result, but the beginning.


Love begins when two people join together to form a unity of souls written in their hearts, a new direction which requires acceptance, patience and understanding.

Acceptance for the differences, for the struggles and the hardships, and most of all for change and growth.

George Betts