Laugh LAUGH laugh


Just look at at the word ‘laugh’ long enough you see it’s a really weird word … think about that! … are you smiling? (What has that to do with marriage and weddings, and me, who wants to be your celebrant?  hmmmm…?)

L is for love, and like; both essential ingredients in the healthy relationship recipe. 

But in my book laughter is the magic L word.


laugh smile joke

When I met my now husband Fred it was NOT his fashion sense that attracted me (though the total surprises this brings have many many a time made me laugh).

He made me laugh. He made others laugh. Still does.

Lucky woman I am.


the BGs, Fred and Casey … how much they’ve grown!

talking about quality, animals, celebrants and diamonds

Lately I’ve been reading in wedding forums about celebrants’ fees, in particular that some celebrants are blatantly undercutting others in order to get the business.

It seems all very dog-eat-dog…  And considering how much is spent on some weddings, and the amount of work a professional celebrant does in creating a high quality ceremony, even the most expensive is very good value!

I’ve just been doing some research and I came across celebrant guru Dally Messenger’s 

“What is a fair fee? Do you want a 1 or a 5 Diamond Celebrant?”                                           

It makes a lot of sense – worth a look: 

professional celebrant who makes you feel like her only clientAs a bride said to me recently:                                            

“you pay peanuts, you get …….”  

Well, you know the rest!