giving your ceremony quality, depth, distinction

There are many rituals, ceremonies or rites that can be included in marriage and commitment ceremonies: some are cultural or religious traditions, others are of unknown origin.


In Australia, rituals such as exchange of rings, and giving away / presentation of the bride (and groom) are common.

Including a ritual with special meaning for you will give your ceremony quality, depth and distinction. It’s an opportunity to:

♦ reflect your personalities

demonstrate, reinforce and honour your values and beliefs about 

   ♦♦ marriage ♦♦ union ♦♦ family ♦♦ culture ♦♦ and heritage ♦♦

include and actively involve your families / guests , or to

symbolically join your families as part of your ceremony….and 

               rituals may be performed by and include whoever you wish.


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